These favorite Spanish greeting songs teach basic vocabulary and culture to kids.

Singing is a wonderful way to start the day or a class. In a school setting, we sing Spanish greeting songs to pull the group together and because singing gets everyone listening and producing the language. We also sing because singing makes kids happy and is one of the best ways for children to learn Spanish.

Typically, these songs teach common words like hola, buenos días, and ¿cómo estas?, but they may also include more vocabulary. I sing a variety of Spanish greeting songs with my students, depending on their level and age.

I’m sharing my 7 of my favorite Spanish greeting songs. I have used all of these and kids like them all. They are fun songs to sing at home too! Routine and repetition are good, so in class we sing the same song for quite a while. However, there does come a point where kids are ready for something new. So, it’s good to have several Spanish greeting songs you like.

Check out more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids grouped by theme!

Favorite Spanish Greeting Songs

Buenos días by José-Luis Orozco

The familiar tune of Are You Sleeping? and the call and response make this song very easy for children to learn. It also is a little conversation, so kids can act it out. José-Luis Orozco does it as a finger play, with his two index fingers talking to each other. He also sometimes includes the English. The video below only has the Spanish, which is how I sing it with kids. You can buy Buenos Días on iTunes or Amazon.

Hola, Hola by Spanish Together

Hola hola is the ideal length and level for preschoolers or as a first Spanish song for the early grades. It is short, easy, and fun to sing. I like this song because it uses the tú form for both sides of the conversation. It teaches: Hola ¿cómo estás? Muy bien, gracias ¿y tú? You can hear an excerpt and purchase the song on iTunes and Amazon.

Hola amigos by Singalingo

I have used this song in class for years because it fun to sing and has great actions. It also ties in well with material I teach in first few weeks with phrases like ya salió en sol and vamos a cantar y hablar en español. You can buy the song on iTunes.

Singalingo has just introduced a new preschool Spanish program, so if you work with early learners be sure to check it out.

Hola a todos by Calico Spanish

This song is specifically for starting a Spanish class. In addition to teaching hola, buenos días, ¿cómo estás? and estoy muy bien, it sets a positive mood. It is an excellent way to pull kids together to get a class started. Like all of the songs by Calico Spanish, it is very clear and at an excellent tempo for Spanish learners. Calico Spanish doesn’t allow embedding of the video, but you can watch it on YouTube by clicking this title: Hola a todos.

Buenos días canto yo by Damarís Gelabert

I like this song by Damaris Gelabert a lot. Again, it ties into my material with words like sol, luna, hola, adiós, gallo, and cantar. The song is used in several videos on YouTube (made by users, not the artist). You can hear it in the video below and buy the song on iTunes.

Hola, hola para ti y para mi

This is one of my favorite Spanish greeting songs. I originally heard it sung by Cantoalegre and I like it because it makes sense at any time of day, has lots of action, teaches the verb saludar, and is fun to sing.

Hola Hello by Mariana Iranzi

Mariana Iranzi’s song Hola Hello makes an excellent song to start the day or a class. There are a few lines in English, but kids love to sing the song and learn lots of vocabulary including cielo, sol, día, mamá, papá, jugar, amigos, flor, escuela, señor, trencito, camión, abuelita, cuidad, guitarra, and perrito. I have pictures of the words for kids to manipulate as we sing and they ask for this song regularly. Find free printables to go with this song at Easy Spanish Words: Printable Activities for Hola Hello. You can hear the song below and buy it on Amazon and iTunes.

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