Spanish graphic organizers help kids master vocabulary.

Graphic organizers in Spanish are organizadores visuales or organizadores gráficos. Graphic organizers  are an wonderful tool to use with all learners, but they have particular advantages with children working to master a second language. Below you will find two sets of great Spanish graphic organizers. They are free to print and use with kids.

Advantages of Using Spanish Graphic Organizers

– Spanish graphic organizers pull together the vocabulary students need to write or talk about a topic.
– As children organize information, they write key vocabulary and see the relationship between words.
– Spanish graphic organizers build in repetition. Kids use words once as they organize information and then again as they write or speak. That repetition is essential to language learning!
– Graphic organizers provide support for language learners as they speak and write. For example, retelling a story is an important language task, but it can be difficult.  With a Spanish graphic organizer in hand, it is much more manageable.

Spanish Graphic Organizers

Ayudas Gráficas from Houghton-Mifflin

The page Ayudas Gráficas has an great collection of Spanish graphic organizers.  Ayudas Gráficas is part of the Houghton-Mifflin website and on the page they give permission to use, print and copy the Spanish graphic organizers for classroom use. I have used the Mapa del cuento (there are two versions), the Tabla de los cinco sentidos and the Tabla de los cinco preguntas (qué, quién, por qué, cuándo, dónde). I use the last organizer with a warm-up listening activity where I tell a short, simple story with puppets or drawing on the board.

Organizadores Gráficos also has a selection of Spanish graphic organizers. Many are similar to the graphic organizers on Ayudas Gráficas. Click on individual images for information about how to use printable Spanish graphic organizers with students.

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