Spanish game for Valentines Day matches verbs and pronouns.

These Valentine’s Day games are versions of memory (or concentration) and they are great activities for kids to speak Spanish. Kids who are reading can practice common verbs and younger Spanish learners can practice numbers and counting.

Spanish game: Memory to practice pronoun-verb combinations

These cards for playing memory (or other games) are based on the phrases on candy conversation hearts. I made them for kids who are reading in Spanish to reinforce the common pronoun-verb pattern ¿Me quieres? Te quiero. Players match the two cards that use the same verb. There are questions and answers for fifteen common verbs. Take out the cards with verbs that your kids do not know and use the blank cards to add any additional verbs you want them to practice.

As the children play, it is important that they read the cards aloud. Kids can tell at a glance whether or not the cards match, but the idea is for them to hear the pronoun-verb combination. This is especially true when they make a pair. When players turn over two cards that match, encourage them to read the question and then the answer. You can ask them to add or no: ¿Me llamas? Sí, te llamo. (Do you call me? Yes, I call you.) or ¿Me ayudas? No, no te ayudo. (Do you help me? No, I don’t help you).

These are the verbs on the game cards:
abrazar – to hug
adorar – to adore
amar – to love
ayudar – to help
besar – to kiss
buscar – to look for
escribir – to write
escuchar – to listen
extrañar – to miss
hablar – to talk (to)
llamar – to call
mirar – to watch
necesitar – to need
querer – to love
ver – to see

Printable Spanish game cards: Pronoun-verb combinations

These are the links to my pdfs of the game cards. One has color and the other is black and white so that you can print it on colored paper if you like. As always, use card stock or laminate the cards if you want them to last longer.
Spanish memory game – Conversation hearts color
Spanish memory game – Conversation hearts black and white

Printable Spanish game cards to practice numbers and counting

If you are looking for a Valentine’s game for younger Spanish learners, take a look at this Heart Number Match memory game from Activity Village. Kids match the number of dots to the numeral. Encourage children to count in Spanish each time they turn over a card with dots.
This game is with the file-folder games on Activity Village. Scroll down to Heart Number Match for the printable pdf.

Spanish phrases for playing memory

You can find useful phrases for playing memory here: Making picture cards to talk about clothes in Spanish

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