Spanish games for kids using plastic eggs.

This time of year there are lots of plastic eggs around. If you find yourself with a few extra, consider making a language activity where kids match the two halves. You can put a sticker on one half and the word on the other, or a number and the corresponding word. Kids can also match synonyms or antonyms.

I like making Spanish games for kids where they put something in the egg to help reinforce the meaning of the words. I do this for opposites, numbers and colors.

For opposites, I put the words on the two halves and cut out images that represent the words. You can use some of the pictures in this picture search, Los antónimos, for this activity. When we play this game, kids first find the image that matches each word. This reinforces the meaning. Then, they search for the opposite image and word. They put the two pictures inside the egg. When they are done, to review they can separate the eggs and match them to the two pictures again. If the words are fairly new, you can start with the eggs together with the pictures inside. Another way to play is to put the eggs together wrong and put any two pictures inside. Kids work to sort out the eggs and the pictures.

spanish games for children eggs opposites

You can also use the plastic eggs to practice numbers and simple math. We use beans and put the correct number in each egg. That means lots of practice counting! Then we make a simple addition problem and open the eggs to count the total number of beans.

spanish game for kids counting

Of course, plastic eggs are also perfect for practicing colors. Again, kids can put a small picture of something the same color inside.

Best of all, no matter what game you play with the eggs, when you are done you can hide them. Happy hunting!

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