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Tic tac toe has many names in Spanish. Three of the most common are tres en raya (Spain), gato (Mexico), and michi (Peru). Gato and michi are the name of the pound symbol, #, in Mexico and Peru. This traditional game has other names in other countries.

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This very simple game is a good way to practice all kinds of vocabulary with children. All you need to do is make markers with different pictures instead of drawing Xs and Os. You can use stickers, print clip art or draw your own simple pictures. Put the pictures on light cardboard, bottle tops or stones. I like using stones and my students love to play with them. In the photo, we are playing with sol and luna. As you play, be sure to use the vocabulary that is on the markers as much as you can.

Of course, the vocabulary on the markers is only a small part of the Spanish that kids learn as they play. Use phrases like these to speak Spanish with your child.
¿Quieres los soles o las lunas? – Do you want the suns or the moons?
Empieza tú. Pon un sol. – You start. Put down a sun.
Voy a poner una luna aquí. – I’m going to put a moon here.
Tienes dos soles seguidos. – You have two suns in a row.
Voy a bloquear con una luna. – I’m going to block with a moon.
Voy a poner una luna en la esquina. – I’m going to put a moon in the corner.
¡Ganaste! – You won!
¡Gané! – I won!
Gato – A tie game (in Mexico).
Empatamos – We tied.

Printable Version of Spanish Game Vocabulary and Markers

Here is a printable version of the vocabulary with the suns and moons that you see in the photo.
Printable: Tres en raya con soles y lunas

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