spanish game

I have played this game with kids of all ages to practice Spanish vocabulary. I call it Aquí tenemos (Here we have…). You can play in a classroom or at home, and the game works with different size groups. It is a version of the memory game I’m Going on a Trip in which each player adds an item to the list of things they are taking. This game combines movement, repetition and objects or pictures, so it is a great way to practice vocabulary.

To play, one player touches an object and says Aquí tenemos and names the object. For example, she might walk to the window, touch it and say Aquí tenemos una ventana. She returns to her seat and the second player walks to the window, touches it and says Aquí tenemos una ventana y… and she touches another object and names it. Each player touches and names the objects in order until someone can not remember the list.

Suggestions for playing the Spanish game Aquí tenemos:

– You can make the starting phrase more specific. For example, En este salón tenemos… or En la cocina tenemos…

– You can specify that consecutive objects can not be right beside each other. This helps children use the whole space.

– In addition to what is already in the space, you can adapt the game to a thematic unit by putting objects and picture cards around the room.

– You may want to clarify that words can not be repeated.

– You can also add adjectives that describe the objects: Aquí tenemos una flor bonita. Aquí tenemos una flor bonita y una mesa grande. Aquí tenemos una flor bonita, una mesa grande y un lápiz verde.

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