Spanish game Bananagrams is great for kids learning Spanish.

Bananagrams in Spanish is great for native speakers, but there are also fun variations that you can play with language learners of any level.  Below you will find a few of the ways you can use this fun Spanish game with kids learning the language.

Ways to use this Spanish game with language learners

  • Play with the pile face up, so players can draw letters that help them.
  • Work together to form words instead of playing a competitive game.
  • Play that the first person to make 5 words wins.
  • Play that the words do not have to connect.
  • Choose a winning word to make. Start with 7 tiles. Alternate drawing letters, always discarding after you draw. The first to make the word wins.
  • Make words for things you can see in the room. They do not have to connect. Place the tiles face up and draw at will. The first to make 3 or 5 words wins.
  • Say words for kids to spell. Let them tell you words and spell them.
  • Play ¿Qué palabra es? Make a word and leave one letter (or two) face down. The other player guesses the word.

You can read more about why I like Bananagrams and find additional suggestions for playing this Spanish game with language learners in this post: Spanish Word Games: Bananagrams

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