Spanish game for kids teaches animals, places and verbs.

With my own kids growing up, I always wanted them to speak as much Spanish as possible. I looked for flexible, fun ways to keep them talking. With my students, I also want them to talk, talk talk! It is important to develop their confidence speaking Spanish from the beginning. This Spanish game for kids is one of my favorite speaking activities.

Games can be wonderful learning activities. They teach a variety of reasoning skills and can also be excellent language practice. This printable Spanish game for kids is called Encuentra los animales. It adds context to the classic game Go Fish, so that players are looking for animals in different places. Read more about reasons to use games in language teaching.

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Encuentra los animales

  • Is easy to learn because it is based on the rules of a familiar game.
  • Teaches basic structures used in everyday conversation. These structures can be applied to a wide range of vocabulary and contexts.
  • Provides lots of opportunity for all players to speak Spanish.
  • Provides for natural repetition.
  • Has original artwork to support the vocabulary.
  • Can be played with limited verb forms and simple structures or adapted to more complicated language.
  • Can be played by up to 5 players – perfect for group work or family fun.
  • Has all the strategy and fun kids love in card games.

 Download the free Spanish card game here.


Basic play uses hay or estar and buscar. Many other verbs can be used if players have more Spanish.

el gato, el perro, la vaca, el caballo, la oveja, la gallina, el gallo, el pájaro, el cerdo, el pato

el campo, el bosque, la ciudad, las montañas, la playa

Spanish for kids is fun and easy with learning games.

Spanish Language Used During Play

The Basics
To ask for cards, players use the verbs hay or estar in yes-no questions:
¿Hay vacas en las montañas? or ¿Las vacas están en las montañas?

To give up cards, players answer with hay or estar.
Sí, hay dos vacas en las montañas. or Sí, dos vacas están en las montañas.

To say they have no cards and the player has to draw, players use the verb buscar.
No. Busca las vacas en la granja.

Adding More Language
You can also play this Spanish game for kids with different tenses and structures.

To ask for cards, players can use a variety of verbs in different tenses.
¿Las vacas se esconden en las montañas?
¿Las vacas se escondieron en las montañas?
¿Has visto las vacas en las montañas?
Es posible que las vacas estén en las montañas.

To give up cards, players can use the same verb tenses.
No, las vacas no se esconden en las montañas.
Sí, dos vacas se escondieron en las montañas.
Sí, he visto una vaca en las montañas.

Players can also practice direct object pronouns when they answer.
No, búscalas en la granja.
Las vacas no se escondieron en las montañas. Búscalas en la granja.

Playing games is a wonderful way to engage with language. I hope you enjoy Encuentra los animales as much as I have!

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