Spanish fun for kids with five low-prep activities.

It’s Friday! That means time for weekend fun and some Spanish fun with the Friday Five. Use these easy activities to speak Spanish with kids. They take little or no preparation and can be used with Spanish learners of different levels. Check out the rest of the Friday Five series too.

1. For Spanish fun, listen to this online version of the Three Little Pigs: Los tres cerditos. Kids are familiar with the story, so even beginners will be able to listen for key words like el lobo and la casa. Chime in with the narration when you hear sopló y sopló and soon kids will be repeating it too.

2. Puzzles make learning Spanish fun! Do this crossword puzzle from Actiludis with vocabulary containing the sounds ca, co, cu. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the solution (The solution shows captus for 19 across. Cactus is the standard vocabulary and works in the puzzle.)You can practice most of the vocabulary in the puzzle using these pictures.

3. Listen to and sing this great fall song from Rockalingua.

4. Get outside for some Spanish fun with this leaf counting activity from Your Modern Family. Write any of these sentences on the picture the kids make:
Tengo 6 hojas en mi pila.
Hay 6 hojas en mi pila.
Aquí hay 6 hojas.
The words los palitos (small sticks), el rastrillo (rake), and el pegamento (glue) will come in handy too.

5. Do a Spanish activity for National Fire Prevention Week using these activities from The Hartford. Use the Spanish coloring pages for very young learners. The Junior Fire Marshal Activity Sheets in Spanish have lots of activities that all Spanish learners can do. For beginners, choose activities where they are indicating what is safe. Try pages like ¿Qué es seguro y qué no lo es? and simply say Es seguro o No es seguro for each picture. The page titled Evitan las cosas que puedan lastimarte is another that works well with beginners. There are many other activities for Spanish fun in the PDF.

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