This printable Spanish fortune teller game is a fun way to review vocabulary or learn new words.

Many thanks to Monica Olivera for this post and printable Spanish fortune teller! Monica is a homeschooling Latina and freelance education writer. She shares resources related to education and raising bilingual kids on her blog Mommy Maestra. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Summer is here and it’s time to look for ways to reinforce Spanish vocabulary during the next few months. While learning materials should, in my opinion, be engaging all year round, that’s especially true in summer. Why? Because children want to enjoy the break from heavy studying during the school year.

So to help parents and educators, I’ve created this simple, summer-themed Spanish fortune teller – or comecocos – for Spanish and ESL learners.

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How to Use the Spanish Fortune Teller

For this version of a Spanish fortune teller, kids choose a number at the beginning while the comecocos is closed and the players open and close it until the chosen number is reached. Then, the players choose the topic they like best to discover where they should go this summer.

The directions for cutting and folding these fortune tellers are included in the file.

Spanish Fortune Teller Printable

Kids learn new words with this printable Spanish fortune teller game.

Summer Fortune Teller for Spanish Learners

¡Que lo pases bien!

Summer Spanish Read and Play

The Spanish fortune teller from Mommy Maestra is a fun way to keep language learning going during the summer months. For more games and activities to keep kids engaged with Spanish while they are not in school, check out Spanish Playground’s Summer Spanish Read and Play.

The summer program is based on the model used by public libraries for summer reading. Summer is a time to read, play games and discover music while building Spanish language skills!

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