Spanish elementary curriculum

Sonrisas Spanish School publishes a preschool and elementary Spanish curriculum. The founders, Brooks and Blue Lindner, also have a blog full of ideas, inspiration and support for anyone teaching Spanish to children. Whether you are an experienced teacher, new to the profession, or a parent with a child learning Spanish, this is a wonderful resource.

Check out the Sonrisas Spanish School Blog here.

These are a few of the reasons you will want to visit regularly:

Everything on the blog, from teaching tips to book recommendations to lesson ideas, is based on a clear understanding of how children learn language.  These are experienced teachers sharing techniques that work. I have discussed many of the same ideas with new teachers over the years and I am thrilled to be able to refer colleagues and parents to this resource.

The authors select and discuss picture books to read with children learning Spanish. The books featured in these posts are especially effective teaching tools. The recommendations are an enormous help for parents and educators looking for quality literature in Spanish. You might want to take advantage of the upcoming Sonrisas Book Store sale. It will run from Dec. 1-15. Check back later in the week for more details and the coupon code to receive a 15% discount.

The book recommendations include specific suggestions and lesson ideas. In addition to discussing why the books work well with children learning Spanish, the authors explain how they use the books in their classes.

There are suggested activities for different topics.

The authors write their articles with the same consideration they put into the lessons they teach. The information is concise, clear and concrete.

– The articles are motivating! On this blog, the Lindners share their knowledge and commitment to quality language education. Not all interactions, classes or curricula are equally valuable. Effective teaching involves making dozens of decisions both during any one class and over time. In these posts, the authors describe choices based on a respect for their students and a clear understanding of how children learn.

Whether we are teaching Spanish in a school or to our own children, we all need support, resources and inspiration. The Sonrisas blog is an excellent place to start.

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