Five easy Spanish for kids activities.

It’s Friday! That means time for a few Spanish weekend activities. Use these quick activities to expose kids to a little extra Spanish this weekend or anytime. They do not take much preparation and can be used with kids at a variety of levels.  The Friday Five make Spanish for kids easy! Check out the rest of the Friday Five series.

1. The first of our Spanish weekend activities is a counting story. Listen to Juanito el Cariñoso, about a little boy who gives kisses to his friends and family. Beginners can focus on the counting, predicting the increasing number of besos Juanito will give. They will also recognize vocabulary for family members.

2. Our second weekend activity is this song from the popular Disney Latin America series Violetta. The song is Ser mejor and the words are on the screen. Here, kids will not understand the language from the video (the performers are singing and dancing), but there are words that they will recognize. It is important for children to hear all kinds of Spanish, even when they don’t understand every word.

Let kids listen and watch the video the first time through. Then, with beginners try listening for specific words, like amor or canciones.

One sing-along technique for kids who can read the lyrics on the screen, is to sing along with the last word of each line. With children who have more Spanish, read through the chorus together, and then try singing along with that part of the song.

The chorus goes:

Hay mil sueños de colores /There are a thousand colorful dreams
No hay mejores ni peores / There are not better or worse ones
Solo amor, amor, amor y mil canciones / Only love, love, love and a thousand songs.
Ya no hay razas ni razones / There are no longer races or reasons
No hay mejores ni peores / There are not better or worse ones.
Solo amor, amor, amor y mil opciones de ser. / Only love, love, love and a thousand options to be.

3. Play this online game to form words from syllables and sentences from words. In level 1, there is a scene, with syllables on the fish in the pond. Kids drag the correct syllables into the boxes beside the pictures to form words like mono, casa, árbol, vaca, mariposa. At the higher levels they form sentences from words. This game in Spanish for kids is a good way to reinforce the sounds of the language and review vocabulary.

4. Print these transportation picture cards and  sentence completion activity to practice means of transportation. Cut out and color the cards and play memory (print two sets of cards) before completing the sentences.

5.Watch this 3-minute Spanish Words Kids Love ¿Qué Tiene? video. It’s a great way to learn the verb form tiene and there is a question-answer segment in the second half.

We hope these Spanish weekend activities help you expose your kids to more language!

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