Spanish food songs teach vocabulary about fruit, vegetables, mealtime and healthy eating.

Singing Spanish food songs helps kids learn words and structures. So, try these 17 songs as a fun way to learn food vocabulary in Spanish.

I like Spanish food songs because many of them create a context for new language. For example, there are songs about going shopping for groceries and songs about making a cake or pizza. Many Spanish food songs also teach useful verbs and vocabulary related to meals.

So, if you are teaching a food unit and want to include music, these 17 Spanish food songs are a great place to start.

Also, be sure to check out all our Spanish songs for kids grouped by vocabulary themes.

Spanish Food Songs about Fruit and Vegetables

Many Spanish food songs focus on fruits and vegetables. Of course, we all want to encourage kids to eat well, and several of these songs focus on healthy eating. In addition, several include vocabulary about how plants grow.

El baile de la fruta by Pica Pica

This simple, fun song about fruit is also a dance. The song repeats the names of fruits adding a new fruit and action with each verse, and kids love the rhythm and movement. The chorus is simply Esto es el baile de la fruta (x 4).

The video starts with series of riddles about fruit, but you can move ahead to the song.

La canción de las frutas by Patti Lozano

This is a catchy, very singable song. There is lots of repetition of common fruits, and the song also uses the related verbs comprar, lavar, cortar, and comer. The video is older than some of the other Spanish food songs, but my students enjoyed it. They really like singing the sections that repeat at a fast tempo!

El frutero by Whistlefritz

This is a fun song with a great cultural component. Photos from Latin America and Spain are an excellent way to expand on Spanish food songs. There are excellent photos of fruteros online (do an image search with frutero vendedor so that you don’t get pictures of fruit bowls). Talk about the photos in conjunction with the song, naming the fruits you see.

This is just a clip, but you can find the song on iTunes and Amazon: El Frutero (the Fruit Vendor).

Las frutas by Rockalingua

Rockalingua has a song, video, worksheet and picture dictionary for Las frutas and the verb gustar. You can find the free materials here: Las frutas.

These Spanish food songs teach new vocabulary and verbs.

Come vegetales | Casi Creativo

This rap style song focuses on healthy eating by repeating La mitad de tu plato deben ser vegetales. It also names lots of vegetables and adjectives to describe them.

La canción de las frutas by Doremila

This song is about la manzana, el banano, la naranja, la sandía, la piña and la fresa. It has more vocabulary than other songs but the words are related to each fruit. For example, La manzana es deliciosa, te la encuentra roja, verde y jugosa. Or, La naranja es muy redondita, rica en vitamina C y jugosita.

Canción de los vegetales by Doremila

In this song, the vegetables sing about themselves. Like the fruit song by Doremila, it has more vocabulary, but again the words relate directly to each vegetable.

Spanish Food Songs with General Vocabulary

Te gusta songs by Super Simple Español

This is a series of 4 very clever Spanish food songs. They also teach the verb gustar. Kids love these songs because they are based on strange food combinations.

The comprehensible input in these videos is great, as they present each food separately and then combine them. The sequence of individual foods with clear images, and then the strange combination, with another image, makes these songs very effective for learning food vocabulary. These combinations are memorable!

Super Simple Español ¿Te gusta el helado de brócolí?

¿Te gusta el pudín de pepinillo?

Super Simple Español ¿Te gusta el yogur de espagueti?

¿Te gustan los milkshakes de lasaña?

El jugo de naranja by Patti Lozano

This song also uses gustar to teach Spanish food vocabulary. It lists lots of foods with no me gusta. It is only jugo de naranja that merits a me gusta.

Chocolate by José Luis Orozco

This version of the traditional rhyme is from the album ¡Come bien! All the songs on the album focus on healthy eating and fit well into themes on food and nutrition. You can find the album and all the great Spanish food songs on Amazon ¡Come Bien! Eat Right!

Tengo hambre by Basho & Friends

This catchy song lists lots of foods and divides them by meals.

Soy una pizza Charlotte Diamond

This song has been around for decades, but it is still a hit in Spanish class. It has a catchy tune, and of course, kids love pizza!

Palabras by Pinkfong

These 2 Spanish food songs focus on the words cocinar and comida.


Kids learn the ingredients and process to make a cake with this fun chant.


With this song, kids learn the Spanish vocabulary for pizza ingredients.

Spanish Food Songs in the Classroom

Spanish food songs are a fun way to introduce vocabulary. You can combine them with actions and pictures, and they are a logical way to learn and reinforce the verb gustar. Of course, any food theme also lends itself to lots of fun taste testing!

Be sure to check out our list of 40 ways to use songs to teach Spanish and please share your own ideas in the comments below.


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