These Spanish feelings songs teach kids important words related to emotions and moods.

It’s important to teach children to talk about their emotions in any language they are learning. These Spanish feelings songs are a fun and easy way for children to learn that new and necessary vocabulary.

Spanish feelings songs include words for expressing emotions like feliz, triste, emocionado/a, and enojado/a. In addition, they often have expressions for being hungry and tired. At first, these might not seem completely relevant because the structures are different, but physical and emotional states are closely related, especially in children! Teaching them with Spanish feelings songs is very effective.

You can reinforce the vocabulary in these songs with lots of activities. First, we act out the emotions as we sing. We play Spanish games like this one with emotion balloons and read stories about feelings.

I love Monica Brown’s book Marisol McDonald and the Monster/Marisol McDonald y el monstruo, and it’s an excellent book for talking about feelings.  You can read more the book here: Marisol McDonald and the Monster Spanish Activities.

Mara sin cumpleaños by Mariana Llanos is another book that works well for talking about feelings. Read Emotions in Spanish: Mara sin cumpleaños to learn more.

I also read El monstruo de colores to some groups. I simplify the vocabulary in the book and focus on emotions and colors. You can find El monstruo de colores on Amazon and lots of fun printable activities for the book online.

Here are a few of my favorite Spanish feelings songs to use with young learners. Check out more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids grouped by theme!

Favorite Spanish Feelings Songs

Las emociones by Susy Dorn

This is one of my favorite Spanish feelings songs for preschoolers because there is plenty of time to act out the emotions.

La canción de los sentimientos by Spanish Together

Quite a few Spanish feelings songs relate important verbs to emotions. La canción de los sentimientos from Spanish Together is one of them. I love this song because it uses quiero with an infinitive – Estoy feliz y quiero reir. Estoy triste y quiero llorar etc. It’s an easy way for kids to learn this important verb and structure.

Si estás feliz by Super Simple Español

This fun song is a version of If You’re Happy and You Know It. The familiar tune makes it easy to learn and the video is great support too. Of course, doing actions related to the emotions is part of the song.

Spanish Feelings Songs by Rockalingua

Rockalingua has two great Spanish feelings songs. They both have printable lyrics sheets for kids to color and use to sing along as they learn the song.

Estoy contento

My kids love this song! It is easy to sing, and the tune gets stuck in their heads. You can find the lyric sheet and listen to Estoy contento on the Rockalingua website. You can hear it in the video below too.

¿Cómo estás? Sentimientos

This song has more vocabulary that the other Rockalingua feelings song. It also reinforces the questions ¿Cómo estás? and ¿Qué tal estás? You can listen to ¿Cómo estás? Sentimientos on Rockalingua and find the lyric sheet there too.

Spanish Feelings Songs with Pumpkins

Pumpkins and emotions go really well together, because jack o’lanterns have different faces. Both of these Spanish feelings songs use pumpkins, and are fun to use with young learners. Also, there are dozens of pumpkin crafts to reinforce the vocabulary.

5 calabazas by Spanish Together

¿Puedes hacer una cara feliz? By Super Simple Español

There are many more Spanish feelings songs that teach a range of vocabulary and also help children learn to recognize and label their emotions. Please share your favorites in comments!

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