Spanish Fathers Day songs for language learners to sing with Dad.

These two songs by Miss Rosi are perfect to celebrate Father’s Day in Spanish. Miss Rosi is a well-known Peruvian composer and performer of children’s songs. She made her first recording for the parents of her preschool students in 1994 and has been recording music and stories for children ever since. She has songs for almost every topic and event, and many work well with Spanish language learners.

All of the lyrics to Miss Rosi’s songs are available on her website. Just click on Cancionero, then on the album, then on the song title. If you are looking for songs on a specific topic you can browse the titles and check the lyrics to see what might work. All the songs are available to buy as individual downloads.

Feliz día, Papá is a short song to sing in Spanish for Father’s Day. The simple lyrics make it perfect for beginners. You can hear it in the video below and buy the song on iTunes.

Feliz día Papá, Feliz día Papá,
Porque hoy es tu día, yo te voy a cantar.
Un besito te doy y un abrazo también,
porque toda la vida, yo te voy a querer.

A mi papi is another Spanish Father’s Day song. It is a little longer, with present tense verbs in the yo and tú forms. These are the lyrics and you can hear the song in this video: A mi papi on YouTube

Porque tú eres el mejor del mundo
Y a quien quiero yo más en la vida,
Tú trabajas mucho cada día
para darme una casa y comida.

Con alegría te voy a cantar,
Con alegría te voy a abrazar
Y en éste día yo te voy a dar mi corazón. (bis)

Porque entiendes todos mis problemas,
Alegrías también tristezas,
Porque siempre tú conmigo juegas
y a la calle a pasear me llevas.

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