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One of the most well-known songs for Father’s day in Spanish is Hoy tengo que decirte Papá. It has been recorded by many children’s artists and is dedicated to lots of fathers each Día del Padre.

The most famous group to record the song was the Mexican group Timbiriche. Both Thalia and Paulina Rubio, now internationally famous recording artists, sang with Timbiriche. The group has at least two versions of the song, one when they were very young and a version they remade when they were older. You can hear the different versions at the links below.

Tatiana recorded Hoy tengo que decirte Papá too. There are also versions by Grupo Garabatos, Los solecitos and Nifu-Nifa. All of these are available to download on Amazon. The later version by Timbiriche is slower than the others, but they are all fairly clear.

These are the lyrics to Hoy tengo que decirte Papá. The translation is word-for-word and does not conserve the rhythm or rhyme of the song. I included it for meaning. It might be helpful for parents who are learning Spanish with their children.

Hoy tengo que decirte Papá/ Today I have to tell you Dad
El tiempo nada cambiará / Time will not change anything
Estaremos siempre juntos / We will always be together
Todo el tiempo sin parar.  / All the time, without stopping.

Hoy tengo que decirte Papá / Today I have to tell you Dad
Te quiero más que a nadie / I love you more than anyone
Y cuando estoy a tu lado / And when I am by your side
Todo el miedo ya se va. / All fear goes away.

Y a veces cuando llegas de noche / And sometimes when you get home at night
Y el sueño ya me venció / and I’m already asleep
Estás junto a mí y me miras dormir / You are beside me and you watch me sleep
Y me siento tan feliz. / and I feel so happy.

Voy a crecer a tu gran tamaño / I’m going to grow to be your size
y el mundo veré como tú / and I’ll see the world as you do
te comprenderé mucho más y mejor / I will understand you a lot more and better
y la vida venceré. / and I will conquer life.

Listen to Spanish Father’s Day Song

Spanish Father’s Day Song Hoy quiero decirte Papá – Timbiriche – faster, when they were younger
Spanish Father’s Day Song Hoy quiero decirte Papá – Timbiriche – slower, a remake when they were older
Spanish Father’s Day Song Hoy quiero decirte Papá – Tatiana

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