Spanish Father's Day card

Making Spanish Father’s Day cards to celebrate Día del Padre can be a good language activity when kids add their own message or use cards with text that they read. The language used on cards also has a cultural element because it shows how heart-felt emotion is expressed in Spanish.

Dibujalia and Pintar y jugar have printable cards, diplomas and door hangers with significant amounts of Spanish. These are a few of the printable materials with text in Spanish for Father’s Day that would work well with language learners.

Spanish Father’s Day Cards from Dibujalia

For me, the download button (descargar) on Dibujalia did not work, but you can right click and save the image. When you right click you will be reminded of the copyright. When you click okay, you can save the image (save image as) and then print it.

This a door hanger that says simply En esta casa vive el mejor papá del mundo.
Link to Spanish Father’s Day Door Hanger

There is a diploma for the world’s best dad. It has this text:

Por estar siempre que te necesito, / For always being there when I need you
y enseñarme con tu ejemplo / and teaching me with your example
lo que es el esfuerzo y el trabajo, / what effort and work are,
por preocuparte cuando me enfermo, / for worrying when I am sick
por hablar conmigo de lo que sea, / for talking to me about anything
por entenderme en alguna que / for understanding me
otra circumstancia, / in any situation
por tu cariño y los buenos momentos / for your affection and the good times
que siempre me das, / that you always give me,
hoy quiero darte este Diploma / today I want to give you this diploma
por ser así como eres… / for being as you are –
El Mejor Padre del Mundo / The World’s Best Dad
Te quiero. / I love you.

Link to Spanish Father’s Day Diploma

On Dibujalia there is also a writing activity called Con mi papá. It has prompts like these:
Lo que más me gusta hacer es…
Fuimos a….
Nos encanta jugar a…
Soñamos un día poder…
Somos los campeones en …
A mi papá le quiero decir que…

For children who are writing in Spanish, this is great language activity and gift for Dad.

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