Spanish fathers day

OnlineFreeSpanish has added a set of activities for Día del Padre. Follow the link below to reach these interactive games. The vocabulary in these games tends to be associated with Dads, but it is also just practical, common Spanish that will serve any language learner well.  The set of lessons includes five different interactive games and printable cards in Spanish for Father’s Day.

The first game is titled simply Father’s Day and has lots of vocabulary. The activity has a variety of pictures of fathers. You click on one to see a sentence describing the image. Like most OnlineFreeSpanish activities, there is clear audio for each sentence and the image helps make the meaning of the Spanish clear. Just click the image again to minimize it and choose a new picture.

You can generate a Spanish Father’s Day word search puzzle to play online or to print. If you play online, when you scroll over the list of words, you will see an picture that matches the word. If you click on the settings for the game, you will see that you can print the solutions for the puzzles too. Just reload the game to get a new puzzle.

You can also practice Father’s Day words with an online Memory game, a vocabulary game with a maze (Beenny’s game) and Dunk-a-pingu, a fun game where you try to discover a word letter-by-letter before the penguin falls in the ocean.

All of these activities use the same words and combine images and audio. As kids play the different games, they get the repetition they need to learn and remember the vocabulary. These are great activities to do thinking about Dad or anytime.

Link to Spanish Father’s Day Activities

Spanish Father’s Day – Día del Padre from OnlineFreeSpanish


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