Use these games, readings and infographic to learn Spanish fall words.

We use Spanish fall words for talking about back-to-school as well as themes and concepts like weather, clothing, and how the change of seasons affects animals and plants. Many of the language activities we do in September, October and November incorporate Spanish fall vocabulary.

In addition to the games and readings below, be sure to check out our dramatic poems for fall. They are simple to learn and fun to act out. Check out this poem about a fall tree losing leaves and two Spanish Thanksgiving poems. This Spanish video about leaves is also great for fall.

Spanish Fall Words in Pictures

Pictures are fabulous support for language. This Spanish fall word infographic, the I Spy games and the readings with pictograms all use images to support comprehension.

This infographic has 8 common Spanish fall words and pictures.

Questions with Fall Vocabulary

An image like this Spanish fall words infographic provides a basis for asking and answering questions after you have introduced the vocabulary. The question on the image asks ¿Qué ves en el otoño?, so I say, for example, Veo dos manzanas. and then follow-up with the question ¿Dónde están?  This is a fun activity to do with young learners who are not reading and writing yet. I project infographics like this, but if you would like to print it, here are the fall words on a white background to use less ink.

Describing Spanish Fall Words

You can also describe a picture and have students point to it. In addition to reviewing vocabulary, this is good listening comprehension practice. After you model this activity, students at a higher level can describe the images in pairs. You can use descriptions like these:

Es una fruta. Es roja. Hay dos.
Es un pájaro. Es grande. En la imagen camina, no vuela.
Estas cosas se caen del árbol en el otoño. Son rojas y anaranjadas.
Esta cosa es de color anaranjado. Se puede comer. También se puede cortar para darle una cara.

Fall Words I Spy Games and Readings

Below, you’ll find I Spy games and readings for fall. The I Spy games each have common words we associate with the season. They are find-and-color activities, so kids are searching, coloring and counting with the vocabulary.

The readings include the fall words as pictograms in the text. Then they use the same words in a choice comprehension activity. The readings also have other basic vocabulary and are a good review for Spanish learners returning from summer break.

The back-to-school and fall words in these activities include vocabulary like el otoño,
la manzana, la calabaza, el árbol, la hoja, la ardilla, el pájaro, el pavo, la chaqueta, el suéter, fútbol americano
and others.

Use these games and readings to learn Spanish fall words.

The free packet has 2 I Spy activities, 4 readings with pictograms using the vocabulary from the I Spy games and 4 readings with choice comprehension questions.

Get the El otoño Fall I Spy and Reading Activities packet here.

I love fall and all the fall learning we can do with kids. What are your favorite fall activities for children learning Spanish? We’d love to hear from you!

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