Spanish ebook la primavera llego


Update April 2019 – Storybird is making changes. It looks as if they are going to paid accounts. The links below work for the moment, although you may need to sign up for a free trial.

I made this ebook in Spanish using Storybird. In this post about Storybird in 2011, I discussed different ways of using the website with Spanish language learners. You can share the stories you write by emailing the link. Do be aware that any stories you write in Spanish will not be a part of the public library on the Storybird website. The public stories are moderated and there are only enough moderators for English. So, after you publish your story it will always say it is awaiting moderation. This does not matter at all, because you can share the url of your Spanish ebook with anyone you like. You can also download any ebook as a PDF for $1.99.

The story is in the preterite tense. It has a simple pattern that rhymes the verb form llegó with another verb in the third person singular of the preterite. The text includes colors and common vocabulary. Be sure to point to the pictures to identify the subject of the second sentence – una chica, un pájaro, una familia, un gato, un niño, el viento (this will take gestures and sound effects too).

Link to Spanish Story for Kids

You can read the story on the Storybird site using this link.


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