Spanish Earth Day phrases for kids to use as they talk about protecting the planet.

Earth Day is April 22nd, and these Spanish phrases remind us of ways we can take care of the planet. They can be written or printed on the reverse side of anything you no longer need – homework, letters from school, junk mail, envelopes or cardboard from cereal boxes. You can use them as reminders to hang around the house, bookmarks to share with a friend or with pictures in a collage to brighten up a room.

The printable of the phrases has no pictures, just the Spanish text. Kids can add borders, drawings or decorate them for any number of projects. Of course, there are many more things that we can all do to protect the planet. Be sure to help kids add their own ideas to the list.

Apaga las computadoras durante la noche. / Turn off computers at night.

Come menos carne. / Eat less meat.

Vuélvete vegetariano una vez a la semana. / Be a vegetarian once a week.

Usa menos servilletas de papel. / Use fewer paper napkins.

Usa los dos lados de cada hoja de papel. / Use both sides of the paper.

Toma agua del grifo. / Drink tap water.

No compres agua embotellada. / Don’t buy bottled water.

Cierra la llave al cepillarte los dientes. / Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

Báñate rápido. / Take short showers.

Planta un árbol. / Plant a tree.

Apaga las luces. / Turn off the lights.

No uses bolsas de plástico. / Don’t use plastic bags.

Tira la basura en un bote. / Put trash in a trash can.

Si vas al campo o a la playa, déjalo limpio como estaba. / If you go to the country or the beach, leave it clean the way it was.

Reciclar, Reducir, Reutilizar / Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

No compres artículos desechables. / Don’t buy disposable products.

No abras el refrigerador muchas veces o por mucho tiempo. / Don’t open the refrigerator often or leave it open for long.

Ve andando o en bicicleta. / Walk or bike.

Dona objetos que no necesites. / Donate things that you don’t need.

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