Cada día de la semana (Each Day of the Week) is a song about the days of the week in Spanish. It is by Disney Jr. España and it is just ridiculous enough to appeal to kids. The video below has the lyrics on the screen so that kids can sing along. The song has a fun rhythm and once kids are familiar with the words, they will love singing with the video. There is no question that they learn the days of the week in Spanish really well!

This song has a lot more Spanish than just the days of the week. It uses lots of first person verbs to sing about activities that kids really do.

These are some of the verbs and verb phrases in the song:

Aprendo – I learn
Crezco – I grow
Encuentro algo nuevo que hacer – I find something new to do
Lo paso bien – I have a good time
Voy a clase – I go to class
Aprendo a escribir – I learn to write
Juego a futból – I play soccer
Voy a la cocina – I go to the kitchen
Hago la cena – I make dinner
Juego un juego – I play a game
Del colegio salgo – I get out of school
En la piscina nado – I swim in the pool
Voy con amigos – I go with my friends
Voy a dormir – I go to sleep

This is common vocabulary that children use regularly. Singing this song lets kids practice lots of verbs in a fun, very silly, way. They may be focusing on learning the days of the week in Spanish, but they are learning lots of other language too.

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