Spanish curriculum for children

Spanish for You! is a curriculum for grades 3-8 that can be used for self-study, home school, in classrooms or in after-school programs. It was created by a Spanish teacher as an affordable, easy-to-use program that engages children with the language and also teaches grammar basics.

Each Spanish for You! book is centered around a theme, like Fiestas or Estaciones. A book has content for an entire school year. This curriculum comes with lots of activities, worksheets and audio, ensuring that children get enough practice to master the material.

The program teaches key components that can be combined in different ways so that children can communicate in Spanish even as beginners. It also gives them the essential grammar basics they need to continue, and excel, in high school programs.

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You can find lots of specific information on the Spanish for You! website.

Non-Spanish Speakers

Spanish for You is designed so that it can be used by parents or teachers who do not speak Spanish. I am usually skeptical of this claim, but in this case, I believe it can work. The content is organized and supported in such a way that students can engage with it independently, while teachers and parents are given guidance in structuring interactive activities.

There are also clear instructions on how to approach studying the language and how to use the materials. The audio is accessible, with lots of listening exercises. Also, every worksheet and activity comes with an answer sheet.

Although parents and teachers who do not speak any Spanish will not be able to individualize the material the way Spanish speakers will, they can facilitate the learning experience. For parents and teachers who do speak or have studied Spanish, this is an easy curriculum to use.

Lesson Guides and Worksheets

There are lesson guides and worksheets for different grade levels to use with each book. This means that students in home school situations can use the same book and practice together. Many home school families work with private instructors for language. Having taught in this situation, I see this as a real time saver!

Reading and Writing

Spanish for You offers lots of opportunity to read and write the language. In part, this is because students work independently. I like written activities because students internalize language patterns better when they go through the physical motion of writing. Of course, they need to hear and speak Spanish, but reading and writing build skills at a deep level.

Repetition Over Time

Spanish for You! provides consistent exposure to the language over time with plenty of repetition. This curriculum knows learning a language takes practice. It gives students plenty of activities to get that practice. While children will undoubtedly find some of the exercises more entertaining than others, they will all contribute to a strong foundation in the language.

Games and Activities

There are dozens of games and fun activities in the book and on the website.  These activities are an important part of the curriculum and effective with a variety of learning styles.


The curriculum structures the content so it is not overwhelming. There is a lot of material in each book, but it is meant to be done over a whole year. Children have to pay attention and think, but that does not mean that learning Spanish is boring or too difficult. The length of the lessons is appropriate for each grade level.

New Students

In a classroom setting, students new to the curriculum can begin a school year with experienced Spanish for You! students at the same grade level and using the same package. In this curriculum, the language is taught as components to be combined in different ways.

The more packages students complete, the more components they are know so that they can use Spanish in more complex ways. With this structure, new students can successfully integrate with their grade level while experienced students have the opportunity to continue to progress. From the standpoint of using this curriculum in a classroom, this is a great advantage!


This is a very affordable curriculum. The curriculum package with all the content for different levels for an entire year is $64.95. For homeschool families who have several children, this is a bargain.

The company provides a full refund if you are not satisfied. This is an unusual claim for a curriculum. It shows a well-placed confidence in the program and also in children learning the language.

Free Mini-Lessons from Spanish for You

Choosing a curriculum for school or home study is not easy. It is an important decision, yet it is often hard to evaluate materials online.

Spanish for You! has free mini-lessons from the books available to download on their website so that you can try a lesson. You may find that this straightforward, structured approach to language study puts your family or school on the road to learning Spanish.

Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.

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