Sube publishes a Spanish curriculum for preschool through 5th grade. I have been working with the Level A materials, and I am so impressed!  Sube has great lesson plans and teachers can use the materials in many ways.

The Level A set has games, books, reproducible take-home books for kids, reproducible activity sheets, a CD of songs, a DVD and a lesson manual with plans and the material. Moreover, all of the lessons provide the support and repetition children need to learn Spanish.

Fine information and testimonials from teachers, administrators and parents on the Sube website: Sube Spanish Curriculum for Elementary.

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Sube Lesson Plans

Sube has specific suggestions on how to structure once-a-week or daily classes with options to ensure material is re-entered. The structure provides repetition with sufficient variation to keep the material interesting.

Bingo Game from Sube

The bingo game, with materials for four units, is more than traditional Bingo. It uses descriptions as clues so that kids are learning verbs and a wide range of vocabulary. I use clues like this to make Bingo a higher-level game, but it is impossible to choose and reinforce the grammar and vocabulary systematically. With Sube, kids are getting the most language learning possible out of the activities.


Sube Spanish curriculum moves children from comprehension to production as they also acquire literacy skills. In many curricula, there is not enough support for the transition from comprehension to producing the language. Often, kids learn vocabulary and simple phrases, but the material is not integrated enough to move them to a higher-level. Sube ensures there is plenty of exposure to the language, lots of opportunity to practice, and a step-by-step progression that really moves kids ahead.

Early-Reader Books

These reproducible books are great! Each book is really two books. The libro de trabajo (workbook) that goes with each take-home book has a single exercise for each page of the book. For example, order a sentence, complete a sentence, or answer a question. There is a picture to support the language in each of these exercises. This simple structure engages the children with the text and builds comprehension and production skills very effectively. Ingenious! These take-home books are a valuable component in Sube’s transition to Spanish literacy.

Activity Sheets

These written activities are another important part of moving children to literacy. They provide organized repetition of essential vocabulary, verbs forms and grammatical structures.

Scope and Sequence

Sube works because it is a coherent program. It is carefully structured and the material is integrated to provide for true learning. The value lies in the coordination. Honestly, there is no way for teachers and parents to create the equivalent learning experience using disparate materials.

Spanish Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Languages can be particularly challenging to teach in a homeschool setting. Parents have to invest in a variety of materials to be successful and there is a tendency to fall back on a traditional translation/grammar approach. That is not the most effective way to learn, especially for children.

Sube is a wonderful alternative. Rather than purchasing a pre-made classroom set, parents can download the files and print materials, saving a considerable expense. Homeschooling parents get the coordination and structure that make the curriculum effective at a reasonable cost.

As I mentioned, there are many testimonials to the effectiveness of this curriculum, and I am happy to add my voice to the chorus. If you are looking for a Spanish program to use with children in almost any situation, be sure to consider Sube.

Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.


Active Spanish Game: Mar y Tierra
Spanish song - La primavera from Los Pimpollos