Printable Spanish cup covers are an easy way to get more language into your daily routine or a special event. Below you will find Spanish cup covers with words and pictures related to spring.

I use paper cups for all kinds of activities with kids learning Spanish. We count into cups and use them for sorting. We hide things under them and stack them into pyramids. I also use cups to hold sets of small picture cards as we work with vocabulary. Of course, they are great for snacks, too. You can add Spanish cup covers to paper cups so kids can personalize them or just to add text and pictures.

Coloring a cup cover can be a fun language activity. If you have time, kids can make their own with language and pictures related to whatever you are working on. Unfortunately, for many of us there is not enough time for that project. Instead, I make simple cup covers with some basic Spanish sentences. The cup covers give us the opportunity to talk about the pictures as we color and as they are holding the cup.

Below you will find links to cup covers for spring. These covers fit a 9 oz paper cold drink cup. You can find more Spanish cup covers for preschoolers here.

Spanish Cup Covers

Me gustan las flores (color)

Felices Pascuas (color)

¿Cuántas flores hay? (color)

¿Cuántas flores hay? (black and white)

Me encanta la primavera (color)

Me encanta la primavera (black and white)

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