This butterfly Spanish craft activity is excellent listening practice for kids.

This Spanish craft activity is a butterfly made from a paper plate. Follow these simple steps to make the most of the craft as a language-learning activity. Many thanks to Manualidades para niños for permission to include the video transcript and translation.

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

1. Watch the entire Spanish craft activity video with your child. The content is about 1 minute long.

2. Start the video again, and pause it as you do each part of the project.

3. Repeat the key words as you do each step.  For example, el plato (plate), la mariposa (butterfly), el cuerpo (body), las antenas (antennas), las alas (wings).

4. Comment on the butterfly you are making. You can use simple phrases like these: ¡Qué mariposa bonita!  Me gusta la mariposa. Me gusta este color. Las alas son grandes.

5. When you have finished each step, back up and listen to those instructions again before going on.  The actions you just completed reinforce the language.

6. When you are done, hang the butterfly where you can see it and talk about it in Spanish.

7. Try making a sun with another Spanish craft activity and video.

A transcript and an English translation follow the Spanish craft activity video.

Spanish Craft Activity Transcript and Translation

Para este proyecto vamos a utilizar/ For this project we are going to use:

Pintura (naranja, negra) – Paint (orange, black)

Tijeras – Scissors

1 limpapipas o tallo de chenilla – 1 pipe cleaner

Pincel – Paintbrush

Pegamento – Glue

Doble el plato de papel a la mitad. / Fold the paper plate in half.

Corte la forma de una mariposa. / Cut out the shape of a butterfly.

Doble el limpiapipas a la mitad y forme el cuerpo. / Fold the pipe cleaner in half and make the body.

Deje suficiente espacio para formar las antenas en la parte superior./ Leave enough space to make the antennas at the top.

Pinte las alas de la mariposa y agregue las marcas negras en las alas./ Paint the wings of the butterfly and add the black marks on the wings.

Repita ese proceso al otro lado de las alas. / Repeat the process on the other side of the wings.

Ponga pegamento en un lado del cuerpo. / Put glue on one side of the body.

Fije el cuerpo a las alas. / Attach the body to the wings.



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