Spanish coloring pages for kids.

These free Spanish coloring pages from Song School Spanish include lots of basic vocabulary. The pictures are big, clear and labeled in Spanish. There are pictures for many common nouns related to topics like food, animals, weather and the parts of the body. There are also sheets for numbers and colors.

In addition to common nouns, there are Spanish coloring sheets for the question words, emotions and most common verbs forms, like tengo, tienes, quiero and quieres. There are also pictures to color that represent expressions like tengo hambre and tengo sed and common command forms used in the classroom.

These coloring pages were designed to go with the Song School Spanish elementary curriculum. I have not seen the curriculum, but the coloring sheets reflect themes and structures that are usually included in the early grades. The pictures could certainly be used for a variety of activities in addition to coloring. You could bind the pages related to a specific theme into a book to color and read together. The pages are also an easy way display words where you can talk about them with your child.

However you use these pictures, you will want to use the vocabulary in complete sentences as you talk. The sentences can be very simple. For example, Es una manzana or Hay un gato. Include other words your child knows

There are 124 Spanish coloring pages in all. If you have a Spanish language learner who likes to color, these are a great find.

Link to Spanish Coloring Pages

Coloring Sheets in Spanish from Song School Spanish – Click on the button below Extras labeled Song School Spanish Coloring Pages

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