Printable pages for kids to practice Spanish color words.

Spanish color words are some of the first vocabulary children learn. I introduce colors in context, with other words, so that children hear how the adjectives agree. I also teach the structure es de color… so that kids can produce correct sentences right away.

With these printables, kids color the letters of the Spanish color words to match the meaning. I include small pictures and in my classes I let kids can color the drawings however they like. Then we can talk about the colors: Pintaste las uvas de color verde. Las uvas son verdes ¿De qué color pintaste el gato?

You can also make this a simple reading activity by giving kids sentences that tell them what color to make the objects:

El sol es amarillo.
El gato es negro.
La flor es rosada.
El cactus es verde.
Las cerezas son rojas.
Las uvas son moradas.
La tortuga es de color café.
La calabaza es anaranjada.
El elefante es gris.
El pájaro es azul.
El caballo es blanco.

You can also do a reading with colores locos using sentences like these:

El sol es de color café.
El gato es verde.
La flor es negra.
El cactus es anaranjado.
Las cerezas son azules.
Las uvas son rojas.
La tortuga es blanca.
La calabaza es gris.
El elefante es amarillo.
El pájaro es rosado.
El caballo es morado.

If kids color the drawings as they choose, they can write similar sentences using the Spanish color words to describe their pictures.

Download a PDF of the sentence sets and the Spanish color words printables:

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