Spanish color songs teach children a range of vocabulary in addition to colors.

Color activities teach kids lots of additional vocabulary, and Spanish color songs are no exception. Relating colors to objects gives children information to understand new words. Singing Spanish color songs will help them learn these important descriptive terms and give you another tool to refer to objects in a way they will understand.

I have used all of these Spanish color songs with kids. There are many other songs to learn color vocabulary, but quite a few mix Spanish and English. These songs are completely in Spanish and are appropriate for a range of levels.

Check out more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids grouped by theme!

Favorite Spanish Color Songs

Amarillo, azul y rojo by Ana Calabrese

This is a fabulous first color song for kids learning Spanish. I love that it introduces the three primary colors instead of a long list. I also like that the song associates the colors with high-frequency vocabulary and has one important verb.

Color and Number song from Rockalingua

This song teaches colors and numbers and has printable worksheets and an online game to extend the learning. Get the details here: Free Spanish Color and Number Activities from Rockalingua.

Colores, colores from Calico Spanish

This traditional song combines colors and professions. Calico Spanish produced this version and it is excellent for Spanish learners. The lyrics are in the description of the video on YouTube.

Colores by Patty Shukla

I love Spanish color songs that add movement, too. This song asks kids wearing certain colors to stand up and dance. You can see a video and read how to use this Spanish color song here.

Globos by Miss Rosi

This is another of the Spanish color songs with movement that I sing with kids. The video has the lyrics and visual support for the meaning of the words. This is a fun one to do with real balloons!

Los colores to a familiar tune

Familiar tunes can help kids learn songs and new vocabulary. This simple song puts the colors to the tune of 1 little, 2 little, 3 little fingers. I use it with a very simple printable that the kids color and use in different ways as we sing the song. Hear the song and download the printable here.

Colores by Rossana Conte

This is one of my favorite Spanish color songs for beginning learners. It is by Rossana Conte from Torreón, México. I love the clear lyrics, the vocabulary, and the images on the video that match the words perfectly. The tempo of the song makes it easy for children to sing along. This song is not available to purchase.

Todas las cosas tienen su color by Siempre Así y los Caños.

The beginning of this song relates colors to objects, reinforcing the color word and other common vocabulary. The second part of the song is a list, but the song does not mention their color. This list lends itself to lots of different activities. Kids can color pictures they are given, classify the objects by color or draw their own pictures. You can buy Todas las cosas tienen su color from Amazon.

Los colores by Suzy Dorn

This song put a list of the colors to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle. You can hear the song at the beginning of this video where Suzy is playing with the puppet Tucan. You can also hear a clip of her studio recording of the song and purchase it on Amazon.

Colores, colores by Bacilos

Bacilos was a Latin pop band based in Miami. They won Grammy awards for Best Latin Pop Album in 2003 and 2005 and numerous awards throughout South America. The group broke up in 2007.

Their song Colores, colores has been used high school Spanish classes all over the country, so there are many, many videos of the song on YouTube with photos and lyrics (often with a few spelling errors). It works well with upper elementary students too. This is one example of a student project, but you will find many more. You can purchase Colores, colores on Amazon.

De colores

No list of Spanish color songs would be complete without mentioning De colores. Although it does not list colors, it does mention flowers, birds and rainbows and lends itself to many color activities.
Find information about De colores, videos, and printable posters of the chorus here.

Spanish Color Videos

You can also find Spanish color videos with spoken language rather than music on YouTube.  This Habla Pamela video is one of our favorites because it includes a fun activity that you can do with kids. Check out more videos and songs on our Colors in Spanish YouTube Playlist.


Do know of other Spanish color songs we should add to this list? Tell us about your favorites in comments.

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