Spanish color game teaches children color vocabulary and color mixing.

Discovery Kids has created a Spanish color game called El juego de los colores. The game has wonderful, clear audio and is a perfect way for Spanish language learners to practice color vocabulary and also absorb native-speaker pronunciation.

Discovery Kids has modified the website and this game has moved. If I can find the new location, I’ll update this post.

The Spanish color game consists of mixing two colors to form a new color and using that color to paint a picture. The players are shown the color they are supposed to make. They hear the Spanish audio say, for example: El siguiente color que debes formar es el gris. They click on comenzar to begin mixing the color.

Players will hear: Elige dos tubos de pintura para mezclarlos y formar el color que estás buscando. They can choose from red, yellow, blue, black and white paint. When they click on a color to choose it, the word shows, but it is not pronounced. If you are playing with your child, be sure to say these Spanish colors aloud and encourage them to say the colors too.

After choosing the colors, players hear: Ahora usa el pincel para mezclarlos. If they have chosen the correct colors, they are told to paint the picture: Muy bien! Has formado el color gris. Ahora pinta la figura con el pincel.

When they have colored the picture, they click on siguiente for another color to mix. If players do the whole game, they will mix the colors gris, naranja, violeta, verde, bordó, and celeste. At the end of the Spanish color game there is an option to download (descargar) the pictures to color them at home. The PDF has coloring pages of the six pictures that kids painted in the game. Coloring the pictures again is an excellent way to follow up the game and use Spanish color words again.

Link to Spanish Color Game from Discovery Kids

Practice Spanish Colors with El juego de los colores

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