spanish color by number simple skull

A few days ago I posted a color-by-number picture in Spanish of a traditional skull for Día de los Muertos. It is a fun way to introduce kids to some of the symbols associated with the Day of the Dead. As I mentioned in that post, some of the spaces on the drawing are small, so I wanted to share another, simpler version of the same calavera.

This Spanish color-by-number picture has larger spaces and is easier for younger kids. It still has the designs and colors associated with the traditional symbol, but I hope that it will be fun for a wider range of ages.

If you learning about Día de los Muertos, this video with Day of the Dead video listening activities is a great introduction to the tradition before doing a craft. The video is a short conversation about making an altar and emphasizes the significance of the celebration.

To make the most out of an activity like this, be sure to speak Spanish to kids as they color in the different areas. You can use color words, parts of the face, and verbs like colorear or pintar to talk about what they are doing. If you have the time and inclination, a great way to have these conversations is by coloring your own picture and commenting on what you are doing, too.

These are the colors in the key:
1. rosa – pink
2. azul claro – light blue
3. azul oscuro – dark blue
4. morado – purple
5. anaranjado – orange
6. verde – green
7. amarillo – yellow

These are some of the words for parts of the face that you can use:
la frente – forehead
el ojo – eye
la sien – temple
la nariz – nose
la mejilla – cheek
la boca – mouth
los labios – lips
los dientes – teeth
el mentón/la barbilla – chin

Spanish Color-by-Number

I have found this prints better when you download it, rather than printing from the viewer.

Spanish Color-by-Number – Easier Skull for Younger Children


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