Kids learn vocabulary with these Christmas color-by-number pages in Spanish.

Last week I shared two Spanish color-by-number pages that work well for talking about Christmas in Spanish-speaking countries. They are culturally relevant, and also make it easy to use vocabulary related to Christmas traditions. See the first Spanish Christmas color-by-number pages.

I have two more color-by-number drawings in Spanish that feature different drawings of a piñata and a pesebre or nacimiento. They are great for talking about colors, numbers and Christmas words.

Spanish Color-by-Number Piñata

The piñata in the picture is the traditional star that is broken during the posadas. Read more about the symbolism of the piñata.

You can use these words to describe the tradition of the piñata as your child does the Spanish Christmas color-by-number sheet.

el niño – the child, the boy
la piñata – piñata
la estrella – star
la venda – blindfold
los picos – points
el palo – stick (to break the piñata)
llenar – to fill
romper – to break

Printable Spanish Color-by-Number

Download the PDF of the Color-by-Number – Piñata

These Spanish color by number pages feature traditional Christmas images.

Spanish Color-by-Number Pesebre

The pesebre, or nativity scene, is another Christmas tradition in Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. Un pesebre is also called un nacimiento. There are many nativity scenes in other countries, too. In most, they include the figure of the Child Jesus from the time they are set up. In Latin America, the baby does not appear until Christmas Eve.

You can use these words to describe the tradition of the pesebre as your child colors the Spanish Christmas color-by-number sheet.
el pesebre – nativity scene, or manger
el nacimiento – nativity scene
María – Mary
José – Joseph
el Niño Jesús – Baby Jesus
el establo – stable
el ángel – angel
la estrella – star

Spanish Color-by-Number Nativity

Download the PDF of the Spanish Color-by-Number – Pesebre

You can make your own pesebre using these wonderful printable nativity scenes from Made by Joel: Travel-size Nativity Scene and Large Nativity Scene


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