Spanish clothing vocabulary practice in a printable activity.

With this printable activity, kids practice vocabulary and the Spanish vowel sounds. The Spanish clothing vocabulary on the printable is introduced in the video Spanish Words Kids Love: La Ropa.

Watching the video, kids hear the words pronounced correctly. The second half of the video has a question-answer format. In this segment, kids hear the words again and practice saying them aloud as they answer questions about what the woman is wearing. Watching the video is a good way to prepare to do the printable activity.

You can also download free Spanish clothing vocabulary picture cards for the words used in the video and on the printable activity. Kids can get more practice with words playing games and doing activities the cards. You can download the picture cards and find suggested activities in this post: Spanish Words Kids Love Video: La Ropa

Spanish Clothing Vocabulary Printable

Download the Spanish clothing vocabulary practice.

For this complete-the-word activity with Spanish clothing vocabulary, kids pronounce the words aloud to determine the vowels that they need to add. This is an important writing skill to develop. It also makes kids aware of the vowel sounds in words. Vowel sounds are essential for correct pronunciation.

After they complete the words, kids use the Spanish clothing vocabulary to write a sentence about what they are wearing: Hoy yo llevo jeans y una blusa.  They also write two sentences about what friends, one boy and one girl, are wearing. The sentences about their friends include a blank to write the friend’s name: Hoy mi amigo Andrés lleva calcetines y zapatos.

These are the words used in the printable activity:

las botas – boots

los zapatos – shoes

la bufanda -scarf

los lentes – glasses

la blusa – blouse/top

el collar – necklace

los calcetines – socks

el sombrero – hat

la camiseta – t-shirt

la falda – skirt

los jeans – jeans

You can find more videos and printables on the Spanish Playground Pinterest boards.

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