A Spanish classroom vocabulary search for kids learning language.

Kids love to search for things! This back-to-school picture search is an easy way for kids to practice Spanish classroom vocabulary. Use the link below to print the full page Spanish classroom vocabulary search.

Spanish Classroom Vocabulary

Classroom Picture Search – Full Page Printable

There are different ways to use this Spanish classroom vocabulary picture search. Try these activities:

  • With young Spanish learners, look for the items together and count as you find them. Be sure to use the Spanish classroom vocabulary words as you look and count.
  • This is a good activity for modeling and using the verbs ver and encontrar. Use phrases like ¿Ves un marcador? Yo veo un marcador. Sí, encontraste otro. ¿Puedes encontrar un mapa?
  • Working in pairs, kids can say the item they are looking for. They should count out loud as they find them: Veo un lápiz, Veo dos lápices, etc.
  • You can do a listening activity where you have kids color items a certain color: Colorea las mochilas de color azul or Colorea dos mochilas de color azul. Colorea tres mochilas de color rojo.
  • For kids with more Spanish, you can do a listening activity where you describe where an item is in relation to the other items. Kids try to find the right one. When they locate it, you can give instructions to color it a certain color or put a circle around it.

Many other kinds of hunts and searches make excellent language activities. They are an easy way to incorporate all kinds of vocabulary. In addition, you can structure search activities in a way that you are providing lots of comprehensible input. In other words, using Spanish in a way that helps kids understand new words.

The following activities are not focused on Spanish classroom vocabulary, but you may want to try them:

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