These activities are part of the Spanish classes for kids taught by Language University.

Have I mentioned recently how amazing the online community of Spanish teachers is? I’m sure I have, but I’m saying it again. I love my colleagues and the ideas and materials they share! For example, I just connected with Language University. Their language program in Delaware offers Spanish classes for kids, and they also offer their materials online.

See more of our favorite resources to teach kids Spanish.

Language University Spanish Classes for Kids

Language University has classes in Spanish and several other languages. In addition, they are now making their materials available to parents and teachers through Teachers Pay Teachers, YouTube and a great free download of songs on their website.

The founders, Lia Andrews and Paul Calvarese, are both lifelong language teachers (and learners!) dedicated to introducing children to language through music, games and hands-on activities.

I’ll fill you in on what I like about their classes and materials, but be sure to check out the Language University website to learn more.

Language University TpT

This penguin lesson for kids is an examples of the material taught in Spanish classes from Language University.

Language University knows Spanish classes have to be engaging for kids to learn. They also know it’s essential that children learn language in context. That’s why their lessons include music, crafts and games with a common theme. Whether it’s farm animals, shapes, winter or school supplies, the lessons use familiar context to make new language meaningful.

Check out Language University Teachers Pay Teachers store for lesson materials for Spanish classes for kids.  You’ll find lessons with games, music, props, and crafts. There are also explanations of how to teach the lessons, tips and tricks to make your class go smoothly, and mp3s for teachers and parents who are not sure of their pronunciation.

Language University Adventure Lessons

One of my favorite ways Language University engages kids is their adventure lessons. With these lessons, kids use their imagination as the group acts out an adventure together.

For example, in the Shapes Adventure Lesson the class pretends to go on a bus to a forest and have a campfire. Kids need to find the four shapes hidden in the room to start the bus and go home again. Of course you can adapt the story in any way you like, but Language University gives you an engaging context and materials to make learning super fun for kids.

This lesson comes with several components to engage with the target vocabulary: kids make shapes with their hands, learn a shape chant, play a shape game, and do two shape crafts.

Free Shapes Craft and CD Download

This shape bus is a craft students make Spanish classes for kids from Language University.

To give you an idea of what the materials are like, Language University is sharing their Shapes Bus Craft from their adventure lesson with Spanish Playground readers.

Download the Shape Bus Craft here.

You can also get a Shapes Chant as a free download on the Language University CD ¡Listos!. The song has a cute introduction where kids make shapes with their hands, and the chant is perfect to play as they search for hidden shapes and work on their craft.

The CD has 27 fun learning songs for Spanish classes for kids. You do need to provide your name and email, but you don’t need to give any payment information.

Download the free CD of Spanish songs here.

There are lots of ways you can use this shape song and craft with language learners, but I encourage you to check out the complete adventure lesson in the Language University TpT store. 

Spanish Classes for Kids on YouTube

On the Language University YouTube channel you can see more activities and songs. The songs are easy to sing because they take advantage of the power of familiar tunes. Be sure to check out the Hombre de Nieve song; it’s a great way to teach winter clothing!

I also appreciate that the Language University YouTube channel gives us a glimpse into their classes. If you have a minute, watch the video of ¡Murcielago! or El baile del espantapájaros to see the energy these teachers bring to class and how happy and engaged the kids are learning Spanish. 

Language University Spanish Classes for Kids

Language University offers Spanish classes for kids in the Delaware Valley. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the area, they travel to preschools, elementary schools, and private homes. 

Language University also has summer camps and summer sessions, so if you’re planning ahead, be sure to check out the options on their website. 

Teaching Spanish to kids makes me happy, but there is no denying that it is a lot of work. Fortunately, a fabulous community of professionals creating and sharing materials makes it much easier. Language University is a great new resource for fun, engaging lessons!

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