Resources for teaching kids Spanish city vocabulary with videos, photos, songs and games.

Teaching about our communities can include a wide range of language. For example, we often teach Spanish city vocabulary with means of transportation, giving directions or professions and community helpers. The resources below focus on places in the cities and are useful in combination with any of those topics.

Be sure to check out our other Spanish for Kids vocabulary activities arranged by theme. We have lots of ideas and materials to use in your Spanish lessons.

Video and Photos with Spanish City Vocabulary

El campo y la ciudad – This short (1:30) video compares the country and city by using a narration based on the text of a second grade text book. There is plenty of Spanish city vocabulary and the generalizations about rural and urban life in Latin America provide a basis for conversation about other countries.

A slide program to teach kids Spanish city vocabulary.

Lugares de la ciudad – This slide share has pictures of different Spanish city vocabulary with labels on each photo. The picture of the librería looks more like a biblioteca to me, but most of the other photos are easily identifiable.

A slide presentation to teach children Spanish city vocabulary.

¿Qué hago en los lugares en mi ciudad? – This presentation on Slideplayer has drawings of people in different places. A simple sentence describes each drawing, and the sentences use a variety of subjects and common verbs.

Songs with Spanish City Vocabulary

Spanish for You! has a great set of songs for a La Ciudad unit. The songs are El parque, El supermercado, El cine, El restaurante, and El centro commercial. You can hear samples and see a list of vocabulary and verbs on the Spanish for You song page. The songs are available to purchase individually and include written lyrics.

Download a free printable set of picture cards for the song El centro comercial. You can use the cards for many activities with and without the song. Be sure to check out this post: 30 Spanish Vocabulary Games Using Pictures.

Explorando por el vecindario – If you have early Spanish learners, this song featuring Barney is an excellent way to introduce Spanish city vocabulary. The words are on the YouTube video.

You can a collection of songs about community helpers in Spanish here. They often fit well into a city theme.

Online Games with Spanish City Vocabulary

Pueblo vs Ciudad – This online game is from Mundo Primaria and it is an excellent reading activity. Kids read a sentence above the photo and answer by clicking either pueblo or ciudad. This is a great activity for Spanish learners because there are sufficient cognates and familiar vocabulary to let them guess successfully.

Printables to Learn Spanish City Vocabulary

Printable drawings of store fronts to teach kids Spanish city vocabulary.

Aprender a Hacer has a large selection of drawings of store fronts with different signs and objects in the windows. Because the stores are identical, kids do have to look at the objects and words. Kids can color these drawing and you can use them for many activities.

Paper city from Made by Joel – If you don’t know Made by Joel, you are in for a treat. I love his free printable toys. If your setting allows, his paper city brings a different level of fun to learning Spanish city vocabulary. Kids can label the buildings, name the people, and use their imaginations to play and speak lots of Spanish.

Crafts to Practice Spanish City Vocabulary

Time is always a factor for me, so these projects are ones I can do without much prep and in a short time in class. I also look for crafts where kids can write in the Spanish city vocabulary. In addition, I want to be able to incorporate figures and dialog.

City Planner – This idea from Cutting Tiny Bites can be done with kids of any age. It’s also a good way to use paper scraps, and kids can easily add signs to their buildings.

Paper Bag City – This craft is great for early learners. It also makes a good project for a group.
If you have little ones and time, this sidewalk chalk town from B-Inspired Mama would be really fun to do!

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