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The government of the Canary Islands hosts this set of activities called Jugando con palabras. The games use Spanish Christmas vocabulary and work well with language learners.  There are 15 different activities at two different levels.

These are excellent for kids learning Spanish because there is lots of native-speaker audio supported by images and text. When you enter the site, you choose nivel 1 or nivel 2 (level 1 or 2). There is also an option for letras minúsculas or mayúsculas (lower case or upper case letters). The lower case letters taught in Spain can be difficult for children in the United States to read, so you may want to choose mayúsculas. Click aceptar to move to the next screen.

The icons on the left give you game options, including Abrir diccionario para ver las palabras. This is a list of all the Spanish Christmas vocabulary with images. If you click on a word/picture you hear it pronounced. There are 21 words used in the games.

You can turn off the music in the lower lefthand corner of your screen. I suggest turning it off so that kids can hear the audio without distraction.

Link to Spanish Christmas Vocabulary Games

Mouse over the picture to choose the activity you want to do. The options are listed below. The levels have slightly different activities. I have indicated the part of the picture to click on in parenthesis with level 1.

Nivel 1
1. Escucha y busca la palabra en el dibujo (cloud) – Listen and look for the word in the picture
2. Por qué letra empieza (bells) – Which letter does it start with
3. Localiza la letra por la que empieza (star) – Find the letter it starts with
4. Identificación palabra-dibujo (gifts) – Match word to picture
5. Busca la palabra (flowers) – Look for the word
6. Identificación dibujo-palabra (toy beside snowman) – Match picture to word
7. Busca la palabra que está bien escrito (snowman) – Look for the word that is spelled correctly

Nivel 2
1. Busca la palabra en el dibujo – Look for the word in the picture ( in this game, kids read the word and click on the object. Several times when we were playing the word we were give was “undefined” – that was the word we were supposed to click on. There seems to be a slight glitch in the activity.)
2. Reconocimiento de palabras – Recognizing words
3. Escucha, lee y relaciona – Listen, read and match
4. Asocia cada palabra con su dibujo – Match each word to its picture
5. Arrastra y completa las palabras – Drag syllables to complete the word
6. Arrastra y ordena las palabras – Drag and order syllables
7. Coloca las letras de la palabra – Place the letters
8. Escribe la palabra ordenando las letras – Write the word by ordering the letters (Click on the figures on the rock)

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