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OnlineFreeSpanish has a set of activities to introduce kids to Christmas vocabulary in Spanish. The words are supported with images, and the different activities use the same vocabulary so kids get lots of repetition. There is also native speaker audio for lots of the games. These games and activities do not attempt to use the words in context, so you will want to be sure to reinforce them in full sentences and situations where they are usually used.

The Christmas words are presented in the activity labeled Vocabulary on the Christmas menu. Kids push the presents out of the way and click on an image to hear the audio. Below the image you see the word briefly in English, and then the text changes to Spanish as they hear it pronounced. The English ensures there is no confusion about what the image represents, but it is very unobtrusive. Kids focus on the picture and the audio and associate the two.

Link to Spanish Christmas Vocabulary Activities

Spanish Christmas Vocabulary from OnlineFreeSpanish

These are some of the games and activities to teach Spanish Christmas vocabulary that you will find on the website:

– Printable Spanish Christmas Cards – Kids can choose from a variety of messages to put on these printable cards. (This is the only activity that has different words.) There is audio for the messages, so they can hear the correct Spanish pronunciation of the phrases. When they give someone the card, they will be able to read it to them beautifully!

– Memory game – This is the classic game with Christmas vocabulary. You can choose the number of pairs you want to match. The words are pronounced each time you turn over a card. I love the memory games on OnlineFreeSpanish because even when kids do not make a pair they hear the word pronounced, so there is lots of repetition.

– Dunk-a-pingu – This is a cute version of hangman. Kids guess letters to complete the word before the pingüino loses all the ice and falls into the sea.

– Beeny’s game – This game has scrambled words related to Christmas. You unscramble them to move the bee through the maze. You can click the speaker and hear the word pronounced, so it is good practice for writing a word based on the sound. You also get an image of the word to reinforce the meaning.

– Word search – You can do these word search puzzles online or print them. Online there are images when you scroll over the words so that the meaning is clear without translation. You also hear the word pronounced. Kids learn much more effectively than with a typical word search!

– Paintbrush – Kids paint and color online with this activity. The Christmas images they are coloring are labeled in Spanish in block letters. I like that you can fill the letters of the Spanish words with color! If you are playing with your child, you can make it a great activity for learning letter names and colors. There is also an option to add text, so older kids can use the word in a simple sentence.

– Matching – This printable activity consists of three columns: pictures, Spanish Christmas vocabulary and the vocabulary in English. Kids draw a line connecting the items in the three columns. You can print the activity, print a solution and mix the content of the columns.

– Coloring Pages – These printable coloring pages have pictures of Christmas vocabulary with the words in Spanish and English.

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