Use this Spanish Christmas countdown as a fun language activity in December.

Families count the days to Christmas in dozens of creative ways, from unwrapping Christmas books to doing Christmas activities. In the spirit of adding a little more Spanish to December, I encourage you to try this easy Spanish Christmas countdown.

As a child, I loved opening the little doors on advent calendars and discovering a tiny picture. My children also counted down the days to Christmas with advent calendars, although at least some of theirs had chocolate. The concept of a Spanish Christmas countdown fits nicely with this tradition and with language learning. It is an opportunity to include a little more language in the day, in a fun context.

The Spanish Christmas countdown has 27 questions. A few involve drawing something simple, but most are questions or a prompts to do an action with a question.

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I included more than 24 prompts in the countdown, so you can leave out a few that don’t seem to be a good fit for your kids. There are also some blank question cards, so you can add your own ideas and personal questions.

The Spanish Christmas countdown questions can be done in any order, so I didn’t put numbers on the printable. Without numbers, you can choose the questions you like and add some of your own. You can certainly add numbers and if you do, you may want to include something special for the last day.

There are many pretty DIY advent calendar ideas online. You can tuck the questions into envelops, make them into a paper chain, attach them to pieces of candy or present them in any way that appeals to you and is fun for your kids. We went with something very easy –  pompoms. Just put the higher numbers in the jar first if you decide to number them.

Easy questions for kids to practice Spanish as they count down the days to Christmas.

Do you have a friend who is learning Spanish too? Are you looking for a fun (early) gift for a Spanish teacher? The Spanish Christmas countdown is even more fun when you share it!

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Download the Spanish Christmas Countdown for Kids

Spanish Christmas Countdown: Questions and Prompts

Use these questions to speak Spanish with kids during the Christmas season.

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