Spanish Christmas song

If you are looking for Spanish Christmas activities for your students or children, check out these resources. They were created by teachers and can be used with Spanish language learners of different levels. There are a variety of printable games and activities, along with videos to practice Spanish Christmas vocabulary.

Blog de los Maestros de Audición y Lenguaje is the work of Eugenia Romero of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She has several Christmas activities that are great for children learning Spanish. The first is a PDF with an great set of printable games and activities. There are 19 pages of puzzles, syllable practice, matching words to pictures, ordering words in a sentence, games and more. The last page of the PDF has picture cards of the vocabulary used in the activities. Click on the name of the blog above and scroll down to Recopilación Materiales de Navidad. Click on Actividades Navidad to open the PDF.

After the link to the printable activities, there are two YouTube videos to teach and practice Spanish Christmas vocabulary. The first shows pictures with the words on the screen. The second video is ¿Qué ha cambiado? It shows three pictures, then changes one and kids say what has changed.. It is a simple way to practice vocabulary and sentences like Hay un regalo, Papá Noel y una estrella. El regalo ya no está. Ahora está un muñeco de nieve. The activity uses the vocabulary that is presented in the first video. There is also a Powerpoint version of the ¿Qué ha cambiado? activity. also has a couple of useful activities for talking about Christmas in Spanish. There is a printable domino game with these images: estrella de Navidad, muñeco de nieve, abeto, Papá Noel, los Tres Reyes Magos, pesebre/nacimiento, and regalo. On the page you will also find a short Christmas reading with comprehension questions.

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