Spanish chicken song favorites to sing with kids learning language.

Are you looking for a Spanish chicken song to use with language learners? You can find a Spanish chicken song, or a song about chicks or roosters, at the right level for any child or class. There are lots of chickens in Spanish songs for kids!

With beginners, you might choose a simple song that focuses on the sounds that chicks and hens make. For kids with more Spanish, you can choose a Spanish chicken song that describes the whole hatching process.

Below are a few of my Spanish chicken song favorites. I have used them with students of different levels and ages with lots of success.

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Josefina la gallina
This is a wonderful Spanish chicken song for kids because it includes lots of running, jumping, spinning and flying. The word malulina is only used in Chile, but because kids can hear the word “mal” in malulina, they understand that Josefina misbehaves when she hears this song.

The song has kids run, jump, spin and fly faster and faster with each verse. They love it! You can download this Spanish chicken song from iTunes.

El pollito y la gallina
This is a very simple song by one of my favorite kid performers, Miss Rosi. She is from Peru. I like this Spanish chicken song it because it alternates the verbs hacen and dicen, so kids naturally learn the two verbs to talk about animal sounds. You can download the song from iTunes.

El pollito amarillito
This is a fun song with actions to reinforce the meaning of the language. The chick scratches the ground when he wants to eat, flaps his wings and cowers when the hawk flies overhead.

Los pollitos
This is a slow, easy-to-sing version of the classic song. I use this Spanish chicken song with my beginners. We read the story as we sing and then color the pictures. This song is a good way to introduce tener hambre and tener sed. You can find the download with coloring pages here. This version of Los pollitos is available to download from iTunes.

Un pollito está naciendo

There is another Spanish chicken song is by Miss Rosi. It tells how the chick breaks the shell with his beak. It tells how his head, wings and tail come out of the shell. My preschoolers love this song and we learn it when we talk about the life cycle of chickens. There is no video available, but you can download this song from iTunes.

Photo Credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard via Compfight cc

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