Spanish chapter books for language learners from Open Road Español

Enter the giveaway below and win one of the Boxcar Children ebooks! We all know that choosing books in Spanish can be hard. There are many factors to consider, but none of them matter unless the book is one that children will start to read and keep reading. That is why I am so happy that Open Road Español is offering books from the Boxcar Children series and giving two away to Spanish Playground learners. These Spanish chapter books are perfect for language learners and native speakers. They have all the appeal that has captivated children for generations and are perfect first Spanish chapter books for kids.

Features of the Boxcar Children Spanish Chapter Books

These Spanish chapter books are an excellent choice for language learners.

  • They have basic vocabulary, much of which is familiar to Spanish learners.
  • Short sentences and simple sentence structure make the text easy to read.
  • There are very few idioms and little figurative language.
  • Descriptions are short, concrete and use common adjectives.
  • There is plenty of clear, simple dialog in these Spanish chapter books.
  • The simple sentence structure means that the pronoun references are very clear.
  • Kids love these kind characters, the independent (yet safe) life they lead, and their adventures.
  • Kids read one book after another; the true test of a good story.

Children read hundreds of books as they grow-up. For language learners, it is important that these include Spanish language originals, rich in authentic language and culture. However, there is also a place in a child’s library and learning for accessible books that instill a love of reading. I am happy that Open Road Español is publishing the Boxcar Children books in Spanish because they do just that.

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