A printable Spanish card game to practice country names and size words.

I call this printable Spanish card game Batalla de tamaños. It is based on the traditional game where two players each have a stack of cards and turn over the top card at the same time. The higher card takes the lower card.

This version teaches country names and size words. It can be used to practice big numbers, too.  See a version with natural world vocabulary. If you’re looking for more activities for specific vocabulary, check out all our Spanish vocabulary games grouped by theme.

With these printable cards, kids compare the size (area) of countries. The information is on the cards, so the comparison is easy. Before they start, players decide which cards are going to have more value. Bigger does not have to win. They can choose to have smaller countries be of more value than larger countries.

There are 17 country area cards. To play, print 4 sets on card stock and cut them apart for a total of 68 cards. The cards are in black and white, so kids can color them if they like. Suggest using the colors of the flag. It will give you the chance to use the country names a little more.

Download the printable Spanish card game to practice country names and size.

This PDF includes information about using articles with country names and about agreement when numbers are used as adjectives.

Spanish Card Game Vocabulary

Depending on the age of the players and their level of Spanish, you may want to talk about the vocabulary and the numbers before you play. Kids do not have to say the numbers to play the game. They can tell which card wins just by looking. The information is interesting though, and the country cards are a low-pressure way to practice big numbers.

If the country names are new, coloring the cards and talking about the words before you play lets kids hear the words pronounced correctly. For children who read in English and are learning Spanish, there is a tendency for written language to influence their pronunciation, especially with cognates like Japón and Rusia. This Spanish card game is an excellent way to learn the names of countries and how to pronounce them.

In addition to vocabulary and numbers, children practice comparisons with this Spanish card game. Use sentences like these as you play.

Rusia es más grande que Egipto.
Canadá le gana a Estados Unidos.
Gana el Perú.
Italia es más pequeña que la India.
Estados Unidos es más grande que la Argentina.
El Perú es más pequeño que la India.
Kenia tiene 224, 081 millas cuadradas.
Voltea una carta.
Yo gané.
Tú ganaste.

These cards can be used for other games and activities.  You can make additional cards for other countries to add to the set.

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