An printable activity using Spanish candy hearts to teach kids language.

I love how much language is a part of Valentine’s Day. Spanish candy hearts are one great example. I made a printable activity with candy heart sayings that you can use in several different ways with Spanish learners.

Spanish candy hearts are now widely available in stores. If they are not on shelves in your town, you can buy them online, although they do sell out in February. You can find lots of activities to do using the candy. Here is a list of ways to use the candy (not specifically Spanish), but the printable version has its advantages. With these paper hearts, kids get all the language and none of the sugar!

There are 2 printables with Spanish candy hearts. One in color and one in black and white for kids to color. Each saying appears twice on the printables. I also included blank hearts if kids what to make their own matching game with other words.

Colored Spanish Candy Hearts Printable

BW Spanish Candy Hearts Printable

Blank Hearts Printable

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Using the Spanish Candy Hearts Printables

  • Color the matching hearts on the BW printable.
  • Find the colored matching hearts and number each pair to match them.
  • Say a phrase and have kids find it and color it or mark it off
  • Spell a saying and have kids find it and color it or mark it off
  • Have kids say or spelling saying to each other
  • Use the printable for making other crafts or cards.
  • Use the blank hearts to make your own hearts

Most of the sayings on these paper Spanish hearts are the ones you find on the actual sweets. Here are these sayings I used:

No sé
Te adoro.
Te extraño.
mi amor
un beso
Te amo.
mi vida
de nada
¿Qué tal?
buen día
mi joya
mi novio
tú y yo
todo mío
solo tú
Te quiero.

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