Spanish books for children published by Libros Arellano.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Libros Arellano! I have been waiting for years for more Spanish children’s books by Latino authors from the U.S. Finally, options in publishing are making more Spanish books available. Libros Arellano are the kind of book I have been hoping for, and more important, they are exactly what kids want and need.

These books are intended for early readers in Spanish, but they are also an excellent read aloud for Spanish learners. These Spanish books for kids are written by Marianne Arellano Pazos, a bilingual second generation American, and illustrated by artist Diana Arellano. Read more about them on the Libros Arellano website. The books are available on Amazon.

Outstanding features of Libros Arellano Spanish Books

The language in the books is relevant, useful and natural. This is because the stories reflect typical settings and experiences, like going to the library, going to the grocery store or getting a check up.

There is a very close text-to-illustration correspondence. The pictures in these books directly support the text and make the Spanish easy to understand. They are also bright and fun.

The stories have minimal description and plenty of action. Each page has one or two sentences –  limited text that is supported by the illustrations.

These Spanish books are funny with charming characters. I particularly like Miguel, a very well-intentioned child. Although he is sometimes a little too helpful, children will see that his heart is in the right place and laugh at his adventures in Miguel ayuda en la oficina de la pediatra and Miguel ayuda en la biblioteca.

The books are culturally relevant. There are references to certain experiences Latinos in the U.S. are sure to identify with, and there is also tremendous appeal for any Spanish learner. For example, in Miguel ayuda en la oficina de la pediatra, one of the patients is a baby getting her ears pierced. Many little girls who had their ears pierced as infants will ask about the experience when they read the story.

Libros Arellano are not translations and are completely in Spanish. I understand there is a place for dual language books, but I strongly prefer reading and teaching with books in Spanish.

In addition to the story books, Libros Arellano has a picture book called ABC en español, with a wonderful selection of illustrated words. Kids will find words from nature like luna, lluvia, and flor. They will also find tiza (with a drawing of sidewalk chalk), jugo (a juice box), yoga, and for w, wifi. Although ch and ll are no longer considered separate letters by the Real Academia Española, I appreciate that they are included in the book because learning their distinctive sounds is helpful to beginning readers.

Libros Arellano are a wonderful addition to the collection of Spanish books available to children in this country. I look forward to reading many more of their stories!

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