These entertaining Spanish books for children are very popular with my students. In class just last week a student got really excited when she spotted the picture of the books on the back cover. She quickly determined that she had heard all but one and asked if I could bring the only one she had not heard to the next class. The kids love these stories!

The series is about Eric and his little sister Julieta, and the dynamic between them makes these Spanish books for children really fun. The stories are told from Eric’s point of view and Eric is a trouble-maker. He is always putting his little sister up to something and insisting it was all her doing. The stories are funny, with natural, simple language. The illustrations support the text well and help tell the whole story – including what Eric does not say!

These books are very accessible to kids learning Spanish. They have short sentences, familiar settings and they are not too long. Because there is English and Spanish text on each page, you have the option of reading the story in English, although depending on the level of your child, you may find that is not necessary. Many language learners will understand what is happening from the Spanish and the illustrations.

Cómo mamá probably has the simplest language of the books in this series. In this story, Eric encourages Julieta to dress up in the dress that their mother is planning to wear to a party that night. The book has 24 pages, with a line or two of text on each page. The following lines are representative of the text of the story:

– Para mi mamá y mi papá, hoy es un día muy importante.
– Esta noche viene la abuela a cuidarnos.
– Yo quiero mucho a mi abuela, pero prefiero que mamá y papá se queden en casa.
– ¿No te gustaría probar la ropa de mami?
– ¡Shhhh Julieta, te dije que no hicieras ruido!
– ¡Una princesa! ¿Dónde está el perfume chiquito de mamá?

These Spanish books for children are an excellent value; they are $3.99 new or you can get them used for less. I really enjoy reading these books aloud. The language as you tell the story from Eric’s point of view is fun and I love watching the kids get involved in the story. These are books that kids want to hear again and again, and that makes them an excellent way to learn Spanish.


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