spanish body parts

This video teaches the words for twelve Spanish body parts. It begins with a head and adds parts until there is a complete person. Each word is clearly pronounced and the text is on the screen. At the end of the video, the body parts are repeated.

I like this video because there is no English translation. Children will easily understand what the word means because they can see the parts of the body.

I also like that it is slow enough for kids to repeat the word and point to their ears or feet or nose with the video. Parents should encourage children to repeat and point. The movement and thinking about pointing will help them learn the words for Spanish body parts.

The simplicity of this video is an advantage for beginners, but unfortunately the words are not used in sentences. In general, it is better for children to hear sentences than isolated words. To make the most of the video and help your child learn more natural and useful language, put the words into simple sentences. You can use es (it is) and son (they are) to make sentences like Es la nariz and Son los brazos as the parts are added to the figure in the video or as your child points to her nose or arms. You can also say ¿Dónde está la nariz? and ¿Dónde están los brazos? to ask your child to point to different body parts. You may have to pause the video to ask the question.

If your child is just beginning to learn the words, listen to three or four at a time. Add more words when those are familiar.

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