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This counting activity with Spanish audio is perfect for little ones. In Cuenta con Manitas children count the bees around a hive. It is part of the Manitas website that has a variety of games and activities for kids. Manitas is a children’s magazine published by the newspaper Prensa Libre of Guatemala.

Since I wrote this post, the link has changed. If I can find the game, I’ll update it.

The Spanish audio in this counting game makes it a good language learning activity. Kids hear a short sentence and instructions in Spanish. Then, they click on the bees to count them and hear the number in Spanish. It is a very simple game, but the more native-speaker Spanish that children hear, the better. Listening to the sounds of Spanish will not only help them understand the language, it will help them pronounce it correctly.

The game begins by saying one short sentence about bees. There are several sentences so they will hear different words if they play a few times. The text is on the screen and there is Spanish audio. Kids will not understand every word they hear, but they can listen for key words that have to do with bees. These are words they can listen for:

la abeja- bee
el miel – honey
vuelan- they fly
la colmena – hive
el zumbido – buzz

Next, kids hear instructions on how to play – Da un click en cada abeja para contarlas (Click on each bee to count them).

Click on español to continue. (The English version is for Spanish speakers to learn their numbers in English.) Click on any hive to start the game and count the bees in Spanish.

What I like most about this game is the clarity and expression of the Spanish audio. The numbers are not just repeated in a monotone. Instead, the expression is enthusiastic, the way you would say numbers if you were playing with a child. Be sure to encourage children to repeat the numbers they hear.

Link to online counting game with Spanish audio

Spanish audio counting game – Cuenta con manitas

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