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Kitu Kids Apps has two fully bilingual, English and Spanish, applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The apps let children explore the rainforest as they learn to appreciate its diversity and understand how crucial it is to protect this amazing resource. Both of these apps expose children to authentic Spanish language and native speaker audio. Amazon Rainforest Discovery and Deep in the Rainforest are available from iTunes.

Notable Features of Kitu Kids Spanish Apps

Spanish in context and in complete sentences
All of the language is related to the topic and supported by the graphics. The content in these apps is challenging for beginning learners, so they will want to use the apps in English first.

Engaging content
These apps are packed with fascinating facts that kids will love. Learning a language is much more fun if they are intrigued by the information.

Excellent audio
The native speaker Spanish is very clear and delivered at a rate that lets children read along.

Beautiful graphics
The colors are rich and the images are detailed. The artists made the most of the amazing animals of the rainforest.

There is no doubt that for $1.99, you get a lot Spanish with these two apps. In addition, the exposure is entertaining and educational.

Amazon Rainforest Discovery
Amazon Rainforest Discovery is a wonderful introduction to the rainforest and the animals that live there. This app is divided into five worlds, each representing different layers of the rainforest. There is a hidden animal game and a follow-up activity for each world.

The graphics and colors of the hidden animal games are beautiful, and the animals are cleverly hidden. When a child finds one and taps it, it moves into place at the bottom of the screen and the name is pronounced in clear, native-speaker Spanish.

When they play the game, kids are learning the names of animals, but the words are not used in sentences. In the activities that follow the game, children hear complete, natural sentences with information about the animals. They can also read along with the audio. The follow-up activity for Level 1 has several sentences of information and will be challenging for children learning Spanish. The Level 2 activity has one sentence and is easier for Spanish language learners.

Deep in the Rainforest
Deep in the Rainforest, another Spanish app for kids, has a story and games. If players are beginning Spanish learners, they will want to listen to the story first in English. Once they are familiar with the content, they can listen in Spanish and identify familiar words.

The story is appropriate language learning material for students who have had a solid introduction to Spanish. The text appears on the page and the audio is clear and natural. Children who read in Spanish can read along with the narration. The images will help children understand what is happening in the story.

The story is split into 7 chapters and there are 6 games. Several of the games do not have a significant language component (puzzles, matching, memory), but they are a good way to talk about the story and the rainforest with your children.

Kitu Kids has made apps that entertain children while they learn about the rainforest. The excellent audio, engaging content and beautiful graphics make them valuable tools for children learning the language.

Disclosure: The company provided me with a copy of the applications to write this article. All the ideas and opinions are my own.

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