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I get emails from parents on a regular basis asking me which Spanish learning apps I recommend for young children. That question has just gotten much easier to answer! The Canticos Spanish app for kids has tons of engaging, effective content to help children learn language.

The app is completely bilingual and features the Canticos award-winning videos and books, as well as songs and games to engage young children with language. I use the app in Spanish, but it’s super easy to switch between languages whenever you like.

I’m going to highlight the features of the app I appreciate the most. You should definitely jump to Canticos Bilingual Preschool App to explore the content and get all the details.

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Context and Culture

Young children are language learners. If they are repeatedly exposed to language in a meaningful context, they will learn.

Unfortunately, many language learning apps present individual words with no context. Children may memorize some vocabulary, but the language doesn’t stick because it’s not being used in a meaningful way.

Meaningful Spanish for Kids

Image of Los pollitos from the Spanish app for kids by Canticos.

The Canticos app is different. It uses natural language in stories, videos and games and supports the language with charming animation. Rather than isolated words, children hear and read full sentences with high-frequency structures.

In addition, the Canticos characters provide continuity across the activities. Kids love Nicky, Kiki, Ricky and Benji! With these friends and the songs and stories, they stay engaged and learning.

Culturally-Rich Spanish Language App

Culture is central to the Canticos vision of language learning. The app taps into traditional nursery rhymes and songs to pull children into a world of Spanish. These familiar songs resonate with Spanish-speaking families and will introduce language learners to childhood classics like Los pollitos and Pin Pon.

Spanish Made Short and Sweet

There is TONS of content in this app – videos, songs, books, and games – and more is added each week. However, each individual interaction is short and sweet. The activities are perfect for the short attention span of young children, and most important, they are fun!

The app is absorbing, but never overwhelming. The books build on content from the videos, with patterned sentences and wonderful graphics to support the language. The games reinforce the content from the books and videos, creating an excellent layering of learning.

Blended and Balanced

Canticos provides a weekly Parent Guide to build on the content in the app. The educator-designed lessons are filled with free downloadable activities, tips and resources.

These materials balance the excellent language exposure in the app with hands-on, active learning. By doing a range of activities in different settings, children spend more time with the material and connect with the language on a deeper level. You may want to check out these favorite Spanish preschool activities for more hands-on learning.

Easy and Safe

Image of how children use Canticos Spanish app for kids.

One of the things I love about this app is that it puts all of Canticos fabulous content on one easy-to-use screen. Everything is in one place, and it is so clear and well organized that kids have no problem using it independently. In addition, they can use the app offline, so they have a completely safe space to learn.

Canticos Spanish App for Kids

When I find materials I really like, I always think about how I would use them in class. I’m not teaching preschool Spanish right now, but if I were, I would ask parents to subscribe to the Canticos app. Then, I would include the content in my themes. What a rich learning experience I could create with the support of this app at home!

Of course, I can definitely do exactly that with my granddaughter, and I will. In addition, I plan to try the app with older students. And you can do the same thing for your children or students. Learning is going to be so much fun with a little help from Canticos!

Disclosure: Canticos asked me to review this app and compensated me for my time. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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